Advanced Techniques: Section Introduction

Perhaps you've followed all the advice in the previous sections. You're now using multifactor authentication, good passwords, you've encrypted everything, and you even use a VPN. But you want more. You want to be even safer, even more protected, even more private. This is the section for you.

This section is not for the average person who simply wants to avoid random data breaches and creeps online. This section is for the hardcore: the activist, the journalist, the person with a tech-savvy stalker, or simply the person who really values their privacy.

I'll start by discussing Virtual Machines, which are basically computers within computers. I'll explain how they help protect your privacy and security and walk through how to set up a Debian machine. Next I'll discuss linux phones, why they're valuable, and what some of the current best options are. Next I'll take a deep dive into TAILS and explain how to use it properly to disappear online. Then I'll talk about the rise of biometric identification, aka facial recognition and other such things. I'll talk about their prevalance and some ways to avoid them. Finally, I'll talk about trusts, LLCs, and how to opt out of people search websites and public data aggregation.


I am not a lawyer, and I have never once claimed to be a privacy expert on this site. If your life is in danger, do not depend on me, seek out an actual expert. Before making any legal moves, consult a lawyer. If you are being stalked, contact the police. I am putting all of my expertise into this section, and I'm making the best effort to provide accurate, lawful, effective information. However, situations always vary and many of the sections in this site may or may not be right for you.