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Final Thoughts

Technology in general, especially cyber security and data privacy, is a constantly evolving landscape. Laws change, technologies change, and companies start, go under, or change owners. That's one of the reasons I wanted to present this site as a book: it's not enough just to list some apps and say "use this." You have to understand why they work, or how to use them correctly. Everybody has a different "threat model," aka "what am I protecting and from who?" Signal is a great communication app for someone who needs security but not so much anonymity. I wouldn't recommend Signal to someone with a stalker or who is trying to anonymously whistleblow (without some extra steps, at least).

You also have to understand that because of the ever-changing landscape of this field, things come and go. Encryption algorithms get cracked, companies change owners and start keeping logs, or techniques become obsolete. I will strive to keep this site updated as often as possible, and significant updates will be posted about in my blog. You can also follow my daily feed for news and discussion on current privacy-related events, as well joining my Matrix room and Telegram room for group discussions.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this site helpful. Please consider supporting my project at the links on the next page, contact me with any questions or comments, or check out the other resources listed.