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Less Important: Section Introduction

The final section of this site (for most people) is titled "Less Important." That name was chosen for a reason: these things aren't unimportant, and they should be implemented as possible. But they're not as critically important as the other steps, and they're a bit more abstract. With multifactor authentication or encrypted messaging, it's easy to go "here's a list of apps to check out." With things like changing your online habits, there's a list of suggestions but really it requires much more intentional thought and understanding of the concepts. Using the apps and techniques listed in the other sections are much more straightforward and require less understanding of the concepts. Using the techniques listed here require you to understand how surveillance and metadata work and how to introspectively ask yourself questions about your involvement.

I start with a section on Voice-over-IP and email masking, why that's important and how to do it. Next I discuss changing your online habits. Most of us, even with good passwords and secure softwares, still give out way too much unnecessary information online, both in the form of social media posts and in filling out profiles on websites. Next I discuss VPNs, if they're necessary, and what exactly they can do for you.

The main idea behind this section can be summed up with "does this person need to know what they just asked?" If they don't need to know, don't tell them. Buying a physical product online requires a valid shipping address. Signing up for a forum does not.